Update 3 Project Maria - March 20, 2016

The first 36 square meter ( 388 square feet) section of the roof has been completed. The next phase of roof construction will begin about the middle of next week. In the concept drawing at the left, the completed sections consist of the roof and one side wall are shown. Beneath the label "Under Construction" is the next portion of the project that will complete a major portion of the front of Maria and her son Enrique's home.

It's unlikely that we will be able to undertake future roof, wall, and floor construction until the fall of 2016. Not all of the property will be protected from the summer rains. Hopefully the large section of the roof that has been completed will provide basic shelter when the monsoons arrive in late June.

Thanks to all of you who have graciously and generously supported this effort. This family has suffered for many years and you have given them  a great gift! Below are some images of the current progress.

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